Investment Approach

MSR started as a traditional place-based small private equity shop.  Since 1998 the firm has deployed two funds, including one SBIC, while investing in dozens of companies and executing countless transactions for over 100 investors.  The strategy was regional value-add “in-service” approach to its management partners, and created many jobs and other positive outcomes.  Over the last few years the firm has transitioned its focus to exploring and sponsoring impact investing opportunities.

MSR believes businesses can be both profitable and good corporate citizens- taking care of their people, communities and environment – while growing and creating value.  In addition to seeking to utilize resources to create safe, attractive investor returns, Main Street backs good teams running good companies.  By”good team” in addition to being financially productive, we mean honest, thoughtful, giving and overall good citizens of their communities.  By “good companies” in addition to being profitable, we mean environmentally clean, providing healthcare for all employees and strong community supporters.  Main Street companies are not expressly “green” or follow specific rules of “corporate social responsibility,” but they are part of a greater solution – offering good jobs, positive growth and wise use of resources.  In addition, we generally do not invest in companies that are not local to us and owned/controlled by their management teams.  We believe the fact that a management team views its role as broader than simply the bottom line is a good predictor of capability and success – as well as an excellent predictor of interest in capacity for true partnership.