Main Street Resources is a private equity firm comprised of entrepreneurs, executives and investors who provide investment capital and resources to companies with great people and potential.

Founder Dan Levinson, along with his team, advisors and operating partners (the “Guild”), bring deep resources and expertise to create a supportive environment for the firm’s portfolio companies, helping them to thrive. We provide capital, financial and strategic expertise, and the resources, contacts and advice of our 100+ experienced investors.

Main Street’s investors are principally owners and operators of mid-size companies interested in backing and assisting other promising companies and management teams. On behalf of these investors, who have long-standing relationships with the firm, we search for attractive, proprietary opportunities where our resources can be brought to bear.

Main Street’s primary activity is the identification and sponsorship of entrepreneurs and management teams who are proven in their fields and are emotionally and financially committed to their businesses. In reaching investment decisions, we weigh the quality and commitment of the individuals involved above all else. Once we decide to invest, we work tirelessly in support of these partners.

While the firm has the flexibility to invest in any type of company, transaction or security, Main Street generally commits $2-10 million equity capital in transactions which include growth capital fundings, recapitalizations and management buy-outs. Main Street targets stable companies in niche businesses that are poised for growth, and as a rule, does not invest in start ups, technology or style/fad companies.

Historically, dedication to this investment approach and philosophy has generated rewarding long-term relationships with outstanding operating partners and yielded financial and non-financial success for all involved.

hands imageIn addition to seeking to utilize our resources to create safe attractive investor returns, we attempt to integrate corporate social responsibility principles into our operations and companies. We believe businesses can be both profitable and good corporate citizens – taking care of their people, communities and environment – while growing and creating value.

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