Community Ag

Occasionally within our portfolio of many projects an individual theme, space or strategy rises and becomes a core element of the platform.  This has happened for us with community ag and food systems, as it has for many others now active in the space.  Our lead partner in food systems work is Monique Bosch, who we co-founded Green Village Initiative (GVI) with in 2009.  GVI, based in Bridgeport CT, has supported many local food initiatives such as our CSA and farmers market, but is best known for launching 40+ edible school and community gardens, two town farms, and transforming a burned-out 2 acre lot in Bridgeport to create "Reservoir Community Farm" - now growing food for the local community and Bridgeport Public Schools.  GVI also started a robust paid inner-city high-school youth employment and empowerment program.  Partners in this work included the City and Public Schools of Bridgeport, Newman's Own Foundation, our local community foundation and many others such as Food Corps, AmeriCorps Vista and Build-on.  Some of MSR's other food systems work involves the purchase and protection of our local organic farm (the largest organic greenhouse operation in New England), support of many other non-profit organizations operating in this space and a strong interest in food anchor activation.